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(via givemeaclassykiss)

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Karl Lagerfeld (via chaneljunk)

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I’m eagerly anticipating May 8th for two reasons. One of my very best friends is coming home from Mary Washington in Virginia, and this little bangle is coming with her. Her roommate picked it up for me at Monkee’s and I can’t wait to sport it this summer!

I really need a new pair of Sperry’s. I have beige Clark’s Coastals, and the metallic Sperry for J.Crew Sperrys, but I want a navy pair or a dark brown pair. Decisions, decisions.

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Touche, KJP. 

Hello, I love you.

These are my new sandals, the Deseree leather sandal from J.Crew.

They don’t come in half sizes (UGH!) so I got an eight, but I might have to trade them in for a nine. Either way, they are so, so comfortable and the profile is fantastic. They’re a little bit Gladiator, but they’re more feminine. How absolutely adorable would these be with white jeans and a bright pink button down? Or… maybe jean shorts and a teal polo? Maybe even a sundress! Endless possibilities thanks to vachetta leather (the same leather Louis Vuitton uses for the trim on their handbags!) and the teensiest hint of a heel for comfort.

P.S. Check out the real gladiator deseree for a similiar, but edgier look!

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